US museum does not want you to 'stick' around

Selfie-sticks are coming in for some stick.

The device is becoming increasingly common around the world, but it is also becoming increasingly unwelcome in US museums.

They are now discouraged at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York.

It seems that visitors looking to get a snap of themselves beside a statue are somewhat clumsy.

Museums are saying that the extendable rods could damage the delicate art works.

Wary of patrons whacking a priceless Wedgwood or crashing into a Caravaggio, the says that signs banning the sticks  have not been displayed yet.

But Sree Sreenivasan, the museum's chief digital officer told New York Times that those caught with selfie sticks “Will be asked quietly to put it away”.

It is not just about protecting the art on display. Umbrellas, tripods and even backpacks are frowned up because of availble space during peak hours.

Mr Sreenivasan added:  “It’s one thing to take a picture at arm’s length, but when it is three times arm’s length, you are invading someone else’s personal space.”

The National Gallery Of Art and the Museum Of Fine Arts in Houston have also taken the same precaution out of concern that waving selfie sticks around could injure other visitors.

For now, selfie sticks are still allowed at the Louvre in Paris and the Tate Modern And National Gallery in London.

Source: Time, New York Times

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