US sisters arrested for nude photos at Cambodia’s Angkor

Two American sisters have been arrested in Cambodia for taking naked photos of each other inside the country’s famed Angkor temple complex, officials said on Saturday (Feb 7).

They were identified as Lindsey Adams, 22, and her 20-year-old sister Leslie.

“The two tourists admitted that they really made a mistake by taking nude photos,” a statement by the Apsara Authority, the government agency managing the Angkor complex, said.

The photos were taken in the Preah Khan temple, AFP reported

It is the second time in the last fortnight that tourists visiting the sprawling temple complex have been caught without their clothes. 

Three French tourists were deported last weekend after they pleaded guilty to taking nude pictures of each other inside another temple within the complex. 


Chau Sun Kerya, a spokesman for the Apsara Authority, said the women’s actions were offensive because Angkor is considered sacred ground. 

“Perhaps they did not know Angkor is a holy site. But their inappropriate activities affect the sanctity of the place,” she told AFP. 

Mr Keat Bunthan, a senior heritage police official in northwestern Siem Reap province, said officers were now questioning the women.

He said: “They lowered their pants to their knees and took pictures of their buttocks.” 

He said he was not sure what charges they may face.

Source: AFP


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