US teen sues school after being suspended over two-word tweet

This article is more than 12 months old

A two-word tweet earned Reid Sagehorn a seven-week suspension from school in February.

Which two words? Actually, yeah.

While harmless on its own, the words were tweeted in response to a question about whether he had “made out” with a 28-year-old teacher​, Star Tribune reported.

The US teen later said the post was a mistake and apologised to the teacher, NBC News reported. 

But it was too late. The teacher became the subject of a criminal investigation, CBS reported. She was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

But the school did not take it very well. The 18-year-old was suspended for violating school policy against threatening, intimidating or assaulting of a teacher.

The high school senior and captain of the football and basketball team later transferred to another school and graduated last month.

He sues former school

Unhappy with how the events had unfolded, Mr Sagehorn filed a suit on Tuesday against Rogers High School.

Star Tribune reported that the suit as stating: “Reid’s posting was meant to be taken in jest. This was a mistake. … He never intended for anyone to believe his post."

Mr Sagehorn is seeking monetary damages and changes to the policies and procedures of Rogers High School, "so that the same does not happen to his siblings or any other student", reported CBS.

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