US tourist hurt after Thai transsexual hits him on head with high-heeled shoe

A Thai transsexual attacked an American tourist in Pattaya with a high-heeled shoe, causing a head injury that required 13 stitches.

The tourist, Shawn Bowsher, told police he was walking along a street on Friday (Aug 15) when the transsexual approached him and attempted to convince him to enter a bar, reported Pattaya newspapers.

Bowsher was offended by the encounter, reported Pattaya One.

So he argued with the transsexual, who hit him across the head with the high-heeled shoe, reported Pattaya People, which had video footage of the American being bandaged.

Bowsher reported the incident after workers at the bar refused to provide any details of the alleged attacker to police.

The investigation continues.

Source: Pattaya One, Pattaya People