US website puzzles over what this Singapore road sign means

Have you seen this sign around?

And more importantly, do you know what it means?

Clue: If you're a motorcyclist, you would probably know. 

American website Slate devoted a whole ​column called "What's That Thing" to it.

The sign indicates a rain shelter for motorcyclists.

And it seems foreigners are huge fans.

The column quotes a spokeswoman for the Canadian Motorcycle Association who said she hasn't seen such shelters in Canada.

Marilynn Bastedo said: "It's a terrific idea, though and it's one we should pursue with the provincial governments."

Even PM Lee's proud of it.




And here's what the rain shelter at the PIE just before Toa Payoh looks like. 

Photo: Google Maps

Sources: Slate, Facebook, Google Maps 

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