US woman claims boyfriend was killed by gun-wielding dog

The dog did it.

That was what one US woman initially claimed when police found her police officer boyfriend, 26-year-old Mark Hudson, dead from a gunshot wound in his Philadelphia home, reported The Independent.

Tyaina Finch, 27, told authorities that Hudson's service revolver went off while she was trying to wrestle it from the mouth of their yellow labrador.

But two days after the March 28 incident, she changed her story, claiming she shot him in self-defence after they had fought.

On March 31, Finch was charged with first-degree murder.

US authorities said Hudson was trying to break up with Finch when she allegedly killed him, reported ABC News.

Abusive relationship

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said: "We believe she acted on this particular day with specific intent to kill (him)."

CBS reported that the couple was in an abusive relationship

Finch had allegedly previously threatened Hudson with a knife, struck him in the face and threatened to burn down his house, reported

According to CBS, Hudson's fellow police officers had been advising him to leave her.

Hudson began his career in the public sector as a volunteer firefighter at 16.

Said Darby Borough Police Chief Robert Smythe​: "He was a shining example of what a patrol officer and a firefighter should be confident, courageous, tenacious, tough, brave."

Sources: CBS, ABC News,, The Independent


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