US woman kills man on their first date

A woman killed a man by running him over with his truck while they were out on their first date.

The unnamed 47-year-old woman and Mr Leon Shaw, 53, had been drinking heavily at a house party in Washington on Saturday night before the incident occurred.

The woman met a tattoo artist at the party and became intimate with him, reported NY Daily News.

This angered Mr Shaw who then confronted his date. The couple started fighting, with the woman punching Mr Shaw, and he slapping her in return.

Dead on the driveway

The woman, who was wearing only a shirt, left the house and drove off in Mr Shaw's truck, reported Huffington Post. 

Mr Shaw ran out of the house and chased after the woman, reported Q13 Fox. Partygoers exited the house moments later to find the man dead on the driveway.

The woman crashed the truck 400m away and was taken to hospital. She is in critical condition.

Police said it is unclear if the woman ran over Mr Shaw on purpose.

Sources: NY Daily News, Huffington Post, Q13 Fox

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