US woman smashes windshield to save stranger's baby trapped in hot car

​A woman smashed the windshield of a locked car. No, it wasn't because she was going to steal the car.

Angela Radtke was trying to save a baby that was stuck inside the hot car. 

Radtke risked a potential arrest to save the baby that was trapped in the late summer heat.

Security guards yelled out to bystanders and asked them to sit tight and wait for the police or the car's owner.

But that did not deter Radtke.

She said she told bystanders: 'I dont care if I get arrested, I'm going to save this baby."

Radtke then broke the windshield, crawled into the car and opened the door to get the baby out. 

“It scraped up my arms and legs and back a little bit,” she told Kens5 TV station. “I felt like it was worth the risk.”

The baby was said to have been left in the car for about 40 minutes while the father and his 12-year-old daughter shopped for groceries.

The child was taken to Children's Methodist Hospital, where he was treated for possible dehydration.

The baby's father has since been arrested and charged with child endangerment.

This year alone, 26 children have died after they were left in hot cars in the United States.

Source: New York Daily News, Kens5 TV