Video: Are these shooting stars? No, just planes at Changi

This article is more than 12 months old

This awe-inspiring timelapse video (above) of the runways at Changi Airport shows you just what it's like to be one of the world's busiest (and best) airports.

Resembling shooting stars in the night sky, planes can be seem flashing across the sky spectacularly.

Photographer Milton Tan filmed this video over a period in the restricted runway area of Singapore's Changi Airport.

Don't worry. Don't go calling the police just yet - he wasn't trespassing.

it was Changi Airport that gave him access to theses areas that resulted in this beautiful video.

Tan wrote on his blog: "I was so close to the planes that my cameras literally got shaken by the rumbles from the jet engines."

This timelapse video is the second one following his popular The Air Traffic video which he filmed at Changi Beach.



Source: Facebook