VIDEO: Crocodile stalks swimmer

This footage from Facebook user Manuel Carrera shows how a young swimmer narrowly avoided being attacked by a huge crocodile in Mexico. 

The 3-metre croc can be seen stalking the swimmer as it lazily swims towards him, as he appears to be frantically paddling towards the shore, egged on by spectators on a nearby cliff.

Just as it seems like the crocodile is closing in on the swimmer, an onlooker on a nearby bridge throws something that startles the reptile, giving the swimmer enough time to get to the shore.

Mr Cerrara was quoted by Nine News saying the boy was lucky the croc is fed regularly by tourists and fishermen.

"Unfortunately, that crocodile already associated us with food and as the video shows the boy was saved because the crocodile is well fed and chased at a pace that allowed him to reach the shore," he said.

Sources: YouTube, Nine News