Video of James Foley's beheading shown on giant screen in Beijing

A huge screen in the middle of a busy street in Beijing is showing the execution of US journalist James Foley by a member of the Islamic State (ISIS).

According to website That's Beijing, the execution video is being shown on repeat along with other images of violence from the riots in Ferguson, Missouri on a large screen connected to Dongzhimen station, a train station in Beijing. 

Speaking to online magazine Quartz, editor of That's Beijing Steve George says that videos with brutal images from outside China are often played along side idealistic images of China.

“This type of juxtaposition is fairly common in China,” said George.

This was disputed by Dr Xu Wu, a professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism who said that if the Chinese government wanted to use images of foreign violence as a propaganda tool, it would be seen everywhere and not just in Beijing.

Elsewhere, there has been a concerted effort online to halt the  spread of the video of Foley's execution.




Source: That's Beijing, Quartz