Video: Man performs backflip on building, nearly falls to death

A Russian man was filmed performing a backflip on the top of a building and nearly falling to his death.

The daredevil, a 24-year-old called Sergey, carried out the crazy stunt on the 40th storey of a building in Ashdod, Israel, 150m above ground.

In the video, the man is seen laughing off his close brush with death. He then performs the stunt again in a later video with the caption "better attempt".

Sergey, a Parkour enthusiast, seems to revel in pulling off dangerous manoeuvres.

His Facebook page Jumping Buddha is filled with photos of his exploits.

He is rather philosophical about the dangers.

Mail Online quoted Sergey as saying: "I was scared, but fears keeps you from death. But with that, I feel great and ready to make the next flip.

"Parkour is dangerous but life is dangerous. There is a Tibetan saying – we do not know what will come before – tomorrow or new life."

"In parkour, you overcome the obstacles – both physically and mentally." 

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