VIDEO: Pat Mok and Jade Seah speak out in #SaveZouk video

This article is more than 12 months old

Local personalities have spoken up to #SaveZouk in a video released by the club on YouTube. 

Celebrities like Jade Seah and Patricia Mok joined bloggers, stylists and other Zouk regulars in sharing their memories about the club. 

"I remember the first ZoukOut happened before my A levels, and my history paper was the next day," Seah says in the video. "Sorry mum!"

"No Zouk how? No need to party already," adds Mok. 

The club may close at the end of the year once its latest lease extension expires. Founder Lincoln Cheng told The Straits Times earlier this week that he has tried in vain to find a new spot for the club since 2010. 

Zouk has created the website, and British magazine DJ Mag has urged its readers to participate in a social media campaign worldwide to save the pioneering Singapore nightspot. 

Source: YouTube, The Straits Times