VIDEO: State trooper runs out of car to save suicidal man

A US state trooper was driving along the Millard Tydings Bride in Maryland when he spotted a man standing on the opposite side of the highway.  

Guessing that the man was about to jump off, the trooper, 24-year-old Joshua Kim (below), turned around, raced to the man then ran out to stop him, reported New York Daily News. 

The bridge stands about 27m above the Susquehanna River.

A spokesman from the Maryland State Police told New York Daily News: "The man kind of waved goodbye and Trooper Kim acted immediately, without hesitation, and rescued him from making that jump.

“This man could have easily taken him over the side of the bridge with him.”

US state trooper Joshua Kim.
PHOTO: Maryland State Police

According to the spokesman, a check showed the man had left suicide notes in the car he had parked by the side of the road.

Kim told the Washington Post: “On the way to the hospital, he thanked me. He apologised. He talked to me. He basically poured out why he was doing it. He’s been having family issues, some health problems.”

Sources: Washington Post, New York Daily News


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