Video: US embassy staff share what they love about SG

This article is more than 12 months old

Americans like Singapore... a lot.

Even US President Barack Obama sent his well wishes, via  Kirk Wagar, the American Ambassador to Singapore, of course.

In celebration of National Day on Aug 9, staff at the US Embassy here gave their take on their favourite thing in Singapore. The YouTube video was posted on Aug 6.

From food to shopping malls, it seems our island-nation has captured many hearts. Marina Bay Sands (MBS) came in for a mention, as did hardware like Changi Airport.

Want to know what really tugged at their heartstrings? Here's a sample:

1. Fan of the MBS view

2. The food!

Local delights like butter naan roll off her tongue.

Another recommendation: Sugarcane juice, with lemon.

3. Malls and night markets

We're a shopaholic's paradise, Tim said. "There's something for everyone."

4. Night Safari, Changi Airport et cetera

Cos it's "really cool" to see the animals at night.

Plus, the airport is beautiful and super efficient.

5. And the favourite by far is...

Food at the hawker centres.

According to Dennis: "You can actually eat a huge amount and variety of food."

So there you go.

Happy 49th birthday!

Source: YouTube