Accidents happen because we aren't brought up to give way

I am not surprised by S.M. Ong's column "If e-scooters have a speed limit, why not joggers too?" (The New Paper, Sept 17).

In my opinion, a majority of accidents happen because most Singaporeans are arrogant and reluctant to give way.

Most Singaporeans are egoistic and proud and hold the view that others should show respect to them first before they give way. This selfish behaviour could come from how young Singaporeans are brought up.

I believe that many so-called educated parents are to be blamed as they themselves do not care much about being courteous to their neighbours or the strangers they meet daily on public transport or at the hawker centre.

Also, I think our education system does not give sufficient attention in the syllabus to various aspects of general public behaviour, for example, giving up public transport seats to those who need them more.

Hence, even limiting speed for joggers may not be the solution for us.

I can only wish the best for the future of young Singaporeans.