Allocate lane at immigration checkpoints for those with special needs

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I was saddened to read that a 63-year-old, Mr Mohd Ismail Abdullah, who was travelling with his wife from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, suddenly collapsed and died at the immigration counter at the Sultan Abu Bakar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex on the Malaysian side of the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link last week.

Elderly people who are not so fit need better support at these road crossings as the long hours of the journey can sap their energy and cause serious health issues.

Most airlines give priority and help arrange speedy clearance for travellers who need special consideration.

There is bound to be a longer waiting period for immigration clearance these days as more detailed security checks are needed in view of the threat of terrorism.

So it would be helpful if a lane is allocated at immigration checkpoints for those with special needs.