tech to scan 
social media for potential suicides

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It is worrying that some 15 people attempt to end their lives in Singapore every day with at least one of them succeeding ("Learn to see warning signs of suicide", The New Paper, Sept 9).

It is heartening that Shan You Counselling Centre has introduced a suicide awareness training workshop. But more needs to be done.

Often people contemplating suicide will write about their distress on social media. We can use technology to recognise patterns in people's social media posts.

Through the compassion of people in our community, we can help stop those who are distressed from harming themselves. Perhaps software can be developed to spot troubling posts, after which mental health workers can be called upon to assist.

We can also help bring the suicide rate down and change troubled lives by having a conversation with someone who may be struggling with mental health issues. This must be done without passing judgment but with empathy and compassion.