Let us have a gallery to show off our talent in the arts

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I write with regard to "Singapore music icon Zul Sutan (right) dies at age 61" (The New Paper, Dec 6).

I have followed Tania, and Zul in particular, since 1977. It is good that he managed more than 40 years in the business excelling both as a singer and guitarist. His playing style was always restrained but effective.

In remembering him, we should also consider those who have not quite made it in what is a difficult environment, one that does not necessarily support musical artists. Which begs the question why more is not done for them, especially if they are genuinely talented and intent on pursuing music as a career path.

Zul has been given his due, and as someone who gave moral guidance to others, he would surely rally behind others who require the means to succeed.

His was a difficult life, no doubt, but he made it. Now it is time for others to do the same, using him as an inspirational template. Perhaps there should be a gallery set up to show off our home-grown talent, going back to the 50s and 60s.That would certainly have a ripple effect on our arts scene as a whole, if not other areas not normally seen as lucrative.

And therein lies the rub, that there is also satisfaction to be had from performing well, be it music or acting, even sports. People like Zul should be encouraged to pursue their dreams in their own way and make a mark on what they embrace. In time, our music scene will become even more vibrant as a result, keeping both locals and foreigners entertained, and adding to the attractions that Singapore can be proud of.