Stop looking down on ITE students

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Stop looking down 
on ITE students

The social stigma associated with the Institutes of Technical Education (ITEs) really needs to be addressed. Many parents are reluctant to enrol their children in these schools.

I want to tell them there is absolutely nothing wrong with being in an ITE.

Putting political issues aside, I feel our parents are to blame for how our education system is seen, and us ITE students are looked down upon.

To all parents: Why are you not supportive of your children in their education?

Why are you so afraid of losing face among relatives and friends just because their children got into the Express stream, scored well in O levels, and got into a good junior college or polytechnic?

I hope parents can understand how your children might be feeling, knowing that you do not support them in what they want in the future.

You need to encourage your children and tell them not to give up in their studies and in life, instead of putting a lot of pressure on them.

You can only advise them on what you think is the right path for their future. Ultimately, the decision is theirs.

There are also young people who are good in their studies and look down on the others who don't do so well.

Parents should bring up their children to be humble and respectful.

My mother was disappointed in me, but my parents did support me in the decisions I took, and I am grateful for that.

I may be fortunate, but some people out there aren't.

It is time that those around them change their outlook, and the social stigma towards ITEs, which has been around for a long time, needs to be addressed.