We need to do more to understand and provide end-of-life care

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We need to do more to provide end-of-life care

Can we truly help the dying, or is it beyond us?

I was with my mother at the time of her death. She looked at me one last time, and then she was gone. There was little I could do. Her time had come, and it was time to let go. I felt lost.

Many question the lack of knowledge at what happens after death. Perhaps there should be more research on this.

It could hold the key to alleviating the suffering that comes towards the end.

Some with firm religious beliefs seem to have an easier time of it. But many, both the dying and their loved ones, seem to be ill-equipped for it.

There is no running away from death. We all have to confront it eventually.

We need to study death more to understand it and be better prepared, to be able to accept it and find greater comfort.