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Encouraging that President Halimah and NUH show concern for patients, workers

It is heartening to know that despite her busy schedule, President Halimah Yacob found the time to visit patients and staff at the National University Hospital (NUH) ("President praises healthcare workers, expresses support", The New Paper, Sept 20).

President Halimah has always been supportive of those facing challenges or ill health, as well as their caregivers and other workers. Throughout her sterling public service, she has displayed much kindness and compassion to all Singaporeans regardless of their race, language or religion. Her visit would have boosted the morale of both the patients and the workers.

NUH's policy of recognising the contributions of older workers is also commendable. Not many employers retain older workers. And for many older workers, career progression comes to a halt once they hit the age of 50.

But it is abundantly clear that this management values workers who have the right attitudes. NUH is an enlightened employer, a trailblazer with excellent human resource practices which other employers can learn from.