Your views: Will taxi surge pricing drive away the mandate of public good?


Will taxi surge pricing drive away the mandate of public good?

I am concerned about the future of public transport in our country, after reading about the move by some taxi companies to introduce surge pricing.

I have the following questions for the authorities, as taxis are a part of public transport.

If the bulk of the taxi service providers adopt surge pricing, which is driven almost purely by market forces, how do we ensure our public transport system actually delivers public good?

For many commuters, taking a taxi is not a luxury but a necessity. They include parents with infants, the elderly and persons with disabilities. How do we safeguard their welfare?

Thirdly, Singapore has been slapping private car ownership with high disincentives, and promoting the use of public transport, including trains, buses and taxis. If taxi commuters face high disincentives too, aren't we reducing practical choices for daily transport?

Good transport facilities are important for many Singaporeans and this is something that affects our nation's long-term economic growth. I hope the Public Transport Council can address the three questions I have raised.

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