Want a healthier heart? Be nice to your neighbours

If you needed another reason to be friendly to your neighbours, here's a pretty good one.

A study found that those who know and trust their neighbours are less likely to have heart attacks.

Researchers found that people have a reduced risk of a heart attack if they are more socially acquainted with the neighbourhood.

The participants of the study, which was published earlier this week, were asked questions that gauged their sense of belonging in the neighbourhood.

They were also asked if there were people in the neighbourhood who would help them if they were in trouble.

It was soon apparent that those who trusted the people in their area more would experience the positive health effects.

"Greater perceived social support - one's perception of access to social support - has been linked with better cariovascular health," wrote researchers.

So next time you decide not to flash a smile at your neighbour, or hold the elevator door for them... think twice. 

Source: Huffington Post