Want to know if a HDB carpark is full? Check this app

Motorists looking for HDB carpark lots may soon have more ways to do so through real-time information.

Since July, the Mobile@HDB smartphone application has offered real-time information about available short-term lots in HDB carparks with the Electronic Parking System (EPS).

This is alongside a service that lets drivers find car parks within 400m of their current location. 

To take a step further in sharing real-time car park lot availability information with all, HDB has made the information to the public via public data sharing portals, from Dec 15 this year. 

This will also facilitate private system developers who wish to incorporate such car park information into their developed applications (for example, mobile applications), which will benefit all motorists.

By June next year, about half of the existing 1,800 Housing Board carparks arealso  set to be automated.

HDB said yesterday that it has installed EPS in 610 carparks.

Another 300 carparks will be installed with EPS by the first half of 2015.

"The EPS has proven to be convenient to motorists and effective in regulating parking demand, particularly at popular carparks with higher short-term parking demand."  - HDB statement

"EPS will be installed progressively at all carparks, where there are no site constraints, over the next few years."

Where EPS is not feasible due to site constraints, HDB will leverage other technologies to enhance the carpark operations, it added.

HDB is progressively implementing an enhanced EPS that allows the parking lots to be used optimally by residents and visitors.

Under the old system, only a fixed number of lots were opened up for visitors, with the remaining lots reserved for season parking ticket holders throughout the day.

With the enhancement, the system will increase the number of available lots during the prescribed non-peak hours for visitors, when season parking ticket holders are out in the day.

In the evening, it will reduce the number of lots for visitors to ensure that sufficient lots are reserved for drivers returning home.

Of the existing 610 EPS carparks, some 440 have been enhanced with this feature. The rest will be enhanced progressively, said HDB.