Want to tickle a lion's tummy? Visit this zoo in Chile

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Ever wanted to tickle the belly of a lion? Or touch its menacing claws?

A zoo in Chile gives visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the king of beasts.

In a bit of a role-reversal, humans are put in a cage while the majestic felines roam free above and around them.

The lions are lured on top of the cage by slabs of fresh red meat.

The cage is mounted on a safari truck, which travels through a 2ha enclosure that is home to six lions.

The Safari Lion Zoo in Rancangua is the first of its kind in Chile and one of few in Latin America.

The idea behind it is to allow people to see animals in their natural habitat.

The lions are free to decide what they want to do: amble up for a sniff, climb atop to eat the meat and look at the cowering humans below, or even lie down for a rest.

We're still a tad wary about sticking our fingers through the holes in the metal grates.

But if you want to touch the king of the jungle's tummy, you just got to risk it.

Source: AFP

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