(Warning: Graphic content) Attacker rips out man's heart and bites it

This article is more than 12 months old

An argument over a bowl of noodles ended up with the most gruesome of murders.

A 39-year-old boat owner with the surname Ma spotted a 40-year-old fisherman enjoying a bowl of noodles for breakfast on Wednesday (June 25) at a shop in Suizhou, in China's Hubei province.

For reasons unknown, the pair started arguing over the dish, which cost 5 yuan (S$1), reported Shanghaiist.

Chinese website Bastille Post reported that Ma suddenly picked up a watermelon knife and slashed at the victim's neck. Blood started flowing from the wound and the victim collapsed on the ground.

But what came next was even more horrifying.

Ma used the knife to cut open the man's chest and dig out his heart. He then put the heart in his mouth and started biting it.

The attacker, however, was not done. He used the knife to cut open the chest further and removed the man's intestines.

Horrified witnesses watched from a distance, with none daring to approach Ma.

The attacker did not leave the scene after the attack. Instead, he paced up and down while biting the heart, before pausing to sit down at the scene.

Police arrived 40 minutes later and arrested him.

Source: Bastille Post, Shanghaiist