Warning graphic video: 'Joking' student guns down coach at shooting range

A horrific CCTV video of a teenager shooting his teacher in the head has emerged online. 

The incident which happened in Russia on June 13, 16-year-old Jamshedji H can be seen holding a gun at what looks like a gun range.

In the video, he raised the gun and points it at a man identified as his teacher Andrei Kiselev, who then slumped forwards onto his desk and then onto the floor. 

The Mirror reported that Kiselev was shot in the head and that he was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Immediately after the incident, the teen can be seen covering his mouth with his left hand before fleeing the scene.

He was later caught by the authorities and confessed that he was "joking" and that he thought that the gun was not loaded at the time.

Source: Mirror, YouTube.

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