Was it murder? M'sian cops arrest parents of girl, 1, who died of head injuries

Their daughter was only one when she died.

Now the parents of the toddler who suffered traumatic head injuries have been arrested.

Malaysian police are classifying the case as murder, saying the couple's story on the girl’s death was inconsistent with investigation findings.

The couple had brought the unconscious child to the emergency ward on Oct 24.

A doctor found severe bruises on the child’s head, right arm and back.The baby was pronounced dead minutes after she arrived at hospital, newspaper The Star reported.

The parents reportedly claimed their daughter got the bruises and also broke her arm after falling down the stairs at their Petaling Jaya home two days before her death.

Neighbours alleged there's abuse

Police officers picked up the couple at their home on Wednesday

Selangor criminal investigation department chief SAC Datuk Mohd Adnan Abdullah said: “Investigations revealed the injuries suffered by the child were inconsistent with the story told by the parents."

Shortly before the couple were nabbed, neighbours spoke with the media and the police.

They alleged abuse, claiming fights and sounds of beatings were commonly heard in the couple’s household over the last four years.

The couple have been married for 10 years and have three other children, aged eight, two and four months. The police went to their home on Monday and took away the children.

Investigations found no bruises on them.

Source: Star Online