WATCH: 2 window washers rescued from 69th floor of World Trade Center

Two window washers were rescued at the new World Trade Center Wednesday (Nov 12) after the cable secured to their platform snapped and left them dangling 69 floors up for nearly two hours.

Rescuers cut through a window to reach the workers, who clung to a platform suspended at a precarious angle at the south side of the building.

The frightening incident took place 787 feet (240 meters) above ground at Tower One of the complex in lower Manhattan.

Some 100 firefighters were involved in the complex rescue operation at the 1,776 feet building, the tallest building in the United States.

It took rescuers nearly an hour to reach the two men, who suffered mild hypothermia, said New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro.


Rescuers cut a diamond-shaped hole out of three layers of glass on the 68th floor and brought the washers inside the building.

Before they were recovered, firefighters had suspended a cable to secure the dangling platform and communicated via radio with the two men, who were described as experienced window washers.

Rescuers had contemplated sending another platform for the men, but decided it was too risky to transfer them to another rig at that height.

Ambulances, fire trucks and helicopters were dispatched to the scene and the area around the building in downtown New York City was cordoned off.

The window washers were wearing safety harnesses and therefore were not in grave danger, authorities said.

Light winds

Forecasters reported light winds of 7 miles (11 kilometers) per hour.

The 104-storey building, which stands on the ground of the former World Trade Center that was attacked on September 11, 2001, reopened only last week.

Source: AFP

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