WATCH: Australian man 'surf' on top of whale. Even his mum thinks he's an idiot

An Australian man risked life and limb to "surf" on top the carcass of whale on Saturday (Nov 1).

What's odder: The process involved him diving into shark-infested waters to get to the carcass.

The carnivores were feeding off the dead whale, which was floating off the coast of Rottnest Island near Perth, when the man - identified only as Harrison - jumped in.

The 26-year-old spoke to 7 News Australia.

Even he admitted that it was a stupid act.



He said he was too busy trying to get on top of the whale to notice that he had put himself in harm's way.

"I had to use my chin to drag myself up," he recalled.

But there won't be a repeat of his rash act in the near future.

"My mum thinks I'm an idiot and my Dad is not too proud either," he added.

Source: 7 News, YouTube.  

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