WATCH: 'Best dad ever' dresses up as Spiderman to surprise terminally ill son, 5

His dad is one amazing Spiderman.

That's why five-year-old Jayden had the best birthday gift when the superhero (aka dad Mike Wilson in disguise) swung by for a surprise.  

Jayden, who is battling from a grade 4 brain stem tumour, seemed stunned when Spidey leapt off the roof and said: "Hey, is that Jayden?"

The webslinger then asked the boy for a hug, after quizzing him on his age.

That's not all: #SuperDad also asked for permission to enter the house in Hampshire, England, so Jayden could tell him more about his birthday.

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The video, uploaded on YouTube on Nov 16, has already been watched a staggering 700,000 times.

Besides praise for superdad Mike, people also left well wishes for Jayden's recovery.   

Mike said: "Today he is still with us fighting it all the way, but at least he has Spider-Man to take care of him".

Jayden's condition means he has, on average, a year to live. 

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Sources: Metro, YouTube