Watch: Buckingham Palace guard takes a tumble in front of tourists

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Oh the perils of being in the public eye.

A young Buckingham Palace guard slipped and fell on a manhole cover during the changing of the guard recently. 

He was making way for a replacement guard to take his place at the sentry box when he slipped on a manhole cover and fell over.

Unfortunately for the young guard, the whole incident was caught on a tourist's camera.



The Daily Mail reported that tourists gather in front of the guard house outside Buckingham Palace to catch the changing of the guard every day at 11.30am in the summer and every other day in the winter. 

One of those tourist who caught the incident was Mr David Meadwell, 50.

He told the Daily Mail that he did not expect to witness something like this.

"I think he just slipped on a manhole cover, he looked so embarrassed," said Mr Meadwell. 

Well, at least he was seen smiling after the whole thing.

The smiling guard, after his unceremonious fall. Photo: Youtube screengrab/SWNS TV

Which is always a great way to deal with anything.

Source: Daily Mail, YouTube 

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