Watch: Bus driver traps thief and beats him till he cries

We have to give this bus driver props for multi-tasking.

He argued and beat a snatch thief with a bat, and radioed the police for help, all while driving the bus.

He even managed to reduce the thief to tears before the cops arrived.

The incident happened in the Chilean city of Concepcion on Oct 9, reported Sky News.

Closed-circuit television footage of the incident was uploaded on YouTube on Thursday.

In it, snatch thief Pablo Riquelme Curiqueo is seen chatting with his accomplice before boarding the bus.

The 22-year-old tries to snatch a woman's bag, but fails. He then laughs it off and tries again.

He fails again, and the quick-thinking driver shuts the bus door despite the second man's attempt to keep the door open.

The snatch thief's hand is caught in the doorway.

The driver repeatedly hits the thief with a bat while driving.

He then hands the man over to the cops.

Mirror reported that the thief tried to get out of trouble by claiming that his victim was his aunt called Maria.

He claimed he was merely joking with her and that she was from the countryside.

But the driver replied, “I’m badder than you” and continued hitting him.

Mirror reported that the thief has several convictions for armed robbery, theft and assault.

Sources: MyFox8, Mirror, Sky News

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