Watch: Cat miraculously escapes burning building unscathed

It is said that cats have nine lives. This kitty probably just used up one of them.

It managed to escape a burning building after it collapsed.

The miraculous getaway happened on Thursday at the Towers Hotel in Dauphin, Canada.

A fire broke out in the building around 3am. The blaze was so bad that the hotel had to be demolished.

The Dauphin Fire Department posted on Facebook: "The structural stability was a great concern and the decision was made to demolish immediately."

Firefighters were hosing down the gutted building at around 12.30pm when the building collapsed, reported The Independent.

Seconds before the hotel crumbled, the feline was spotted at the second-storey window.

It disappeared under the smoke and rubble, but emerged unscathed seconds later.

CBC reported that no one was injured in the incident.







Sources: CBC, The Independent, Dauphin Fire Department