WATCH: Employee fires AK-47 at vehicle with CEO inside in safety test

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Texas Armoring Corporation, an amoured car company, takes clients safety seriously. 

Just how serious?

An employee of the company fired 12 rounds from an AK-47 at the Mercedes-Benz as the company's CEO, Mr Trent Kimball, sat behind the wheel.

Seemingly adept with the weapon, Mr Lawrence Kosub, the company's sales and export compliance manager, fired shots at the SUV's windscreen which withstood the barrage.

"When it comes to assuring our clients' safety, we take product testing extremely seriously," Mr Kimball says in a video uploaded on YouTube.

After the firing, he comes out of the car before saying: "Life is valuable - protect it".

Texas Armoring Corporation supplies armoured vehicles to celebrities such as rapper T.I, actor Steven Seagal and even the Pope. 

Source: Mail Online, My San Antonio

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