Watch: Firefighters rescue horse stuck in a bathtub

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You've heard about firefighters rescuing cats stuck in trees but have you heard about them rescuing a horse from a bathtub?

Well, firefighters from Sacramento County in the US rescued a horse named Phantom after it found it self stuck in a bathtub on Wednesday (Feb 4).

Firefighters found the 30-year-old horse completely wedged in on its side in the bathtub, reported local news station KTLA 5.

When Phantom's owner Mr Charles Campbell found her in that position, he immediately asked his wife to call the fire department.

So unbelievable was the story that the operator had to call them back to verify that she was indeed referring to a stuck horse instead of her husband, reported KTLA 5.



It took firefighters 20 mins to extract the horse from the bathtub.

After the horse was saved, Mr Campbell joked that he would "have to get one of those old folks tubs that has the door on it.”

At least he could see the funny side of the whole thing. 

Source: Reuters, KTLA5, Facebook

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