WATCH: Former model warns people not to text while driving. This is the reason why

​Not convinced that texting while driving is extremely dangerous?

Then watch this video - and the devastating consequences of what could happen.

Liz Marks, 20, got into a car accident with a tow truck while checking a text message from her mother.

It happened about three years ago in the United States. Since then, she's been struggling to cope.

Her mother, clearly devastated by what has happened, said she is heartbroken over how lonely Ms Marks has become. Her daughter has resorted to asking friends on Facebook whether they would hang out with her.

Liz said: "I have no one. My friends were there for me at first but after a while, they weren't."

The former model was known for her beauty prior to the accident, which blinded her in one eye. She has also lost the ability to taste and is partially deaf.

Both her tear ducts are damaged and as a result, she is unable to cry.

The video, uploaded by US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has been viewed more than 4 million times since it was posted online in April. 

She warns others: "If you get a text, don't look at it. It's not worth it."

Sources: Mail Online, YouTube

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