Watch: Gondola swings wildly, slams into skyscraper

If you've ever complained of a job hazard, chances are that it pales in comparison to what these window cleaners in China had to endure.

Two window cleaners suffered a terrifying experience when their gondola was swung wildly due to strong winds.

Adding to the terror was the fact that the gondola was suspended from 101-storey-high (492 metre) Shanghai World Financial Centre, the city's second-tallest building.

The ordeal was captured on camera by someone standing in the 100 Century Avenue Restaurant, located on floors 91-93 of the skyscraper. 

Shanghai World Financial Center Far

In the one-minute long video, the gondola can be seen slamming into the side of the skyscraper before wind takes it away from the building.

A loud thud can be heard every time the gondola hits the skyscraper, at one point shattering the glass that covers the side of the building.

According to the Daily Mail, the workers on the gondola only suffered minor injuries.

Source: Daily Mail