WATCH: How pandas say no when it's time to take medicine

How do pandas take medicine?

With a great deal of difficulty. And lots of effort from the zookeeper, it seems.

CCTV News posted an almost two-minute-long clip on YouTube on Oct 17, showing what the long-suffering keeper has to endure when his charges try ways and means to avoid their medication.

If pandas could speak, this would be one hilarious conversation:

1) Keeper: Open your mouth and say "Ahhhh!"


Panda says mmfffttt!


2) Keeper tries again.

Panda throws itself at keeper's feet, begging for mercy.

Panda wails: "No! Please, I beg you. No medicine. Noooo!"


3) Panda friend comes to the rescue and distracts keeper.


4) Overpowered: It's two against one!


Source: YouTube/ CCTV News