WATCH: How people power in India saves two students trapped under a bus

This article is more than 12 months old

Strangers came to the rescue of two college students who were trapped under a bus last week in Pune India.

Ashwin Doshi and Siddharthu Dudu were riding a motorcycle on Aug 29 when a bus collided with them. The impact of the crash resulted in the boys being pinned under the bus.

Thankfully, 50 bystanders immediately rushed to the bus to help.

The combined teamwork and strength as the strangers lifted the bus - with their bare hands - off the two students. The pair was soon pulled to safety and rushed to the hospital.



One of them was admitted to the intensive care unit. His condition has since improved. 

It's certainly nice to see people power taking place all over the world.

Just last month, when a man slipped and was stuck in the gap between a train and the platform, 50 people immediately stepped up to successfully tilt a train so that the man could be freed.

Source: Pune Mirror, YouTube