WATCH: Korean woman kills and dismembers man on first date

A middle-aged man from Korea was looking for love online and ended up dead instead.

His 37-year-old date was sentenced to 30 years' jail on Feb 6 after the Korean court found her guilty of murdering him last year.

According to Allkpop, the woman had initiated the meet-up with the 50-year-old last May and ended up killing him in a motel in Paju.

She claimed in court that she had killed him in self-defence as he had tried to rape her. But her claim was rejected by the court due to a lack of evidence.

The woman had stabbed her date 30 times in his neck and chest.

But that wasn't the most gruesome part.

She then proceeded to chop the man's body into parts, put them in a plastic bag and disposed of it in a waterway.

A CCTV clip showing the disposal can be seen in the Korean TV news clip above.

Here are other murders that have resulted from online dating.


A divorced carpenter from the US thought he was going to Brazil to make wedding plans with a 41-year-old woman he had gotten to know through an online dating service.
Instead, Mr Raymond Merrill, 56, was drugged and held captive for six days at his supposed fiancee's home while she and her real boyfriend allegedly emptied his bank accounts. 
They then drove their victim to a vacant lot, where they strangled him with copper wire, doused his body with fuel and set it on fire, said Brazilian investigators. 


Former Canadian porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta, 32, is accused of using an ice pick to stab his 33-year-old victim Lin Jun to death in May 2012 before carving up his body, sexually abusing the corpse, filming the act and posting the video online.
Days after the killing, Montreal police discovered the victim's torso in a suitcase by the trash outside an apartment along a busy highway.

For years Magnotta built a profile through blogs and escort adverts in which he searched online for sex partners and posted photographs showing himself as a trim, pouty-lipped model whose travels included Paris and other cities.

At the same time, profiles he reputedly posted on online dating websites conveyed an altogether different persona - on one site he listed beach volleyball as a hobby and said he was looking for a long-term relationship.


Sources: Allkpop

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