WATCH: Luckiest man ever? He survives after three cars run over him in 7 minutes

Warning: This is a very painful video to watch.

A jaywalker in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, is lucky to be alive after he was hit by three cars in just seven minutes.

Surveillance footage shows the man walking in the middle of the street, seemingly taking a call.

You'll never believe what happens to this man next. Photo: YouTube screengrab


A passing car then clips him from behind, causing him to fall down. 

Moments later, an oncoming car drives right over him as he is still down.

Eventually two guys run into the street to help the man.

But that's not the end of the drama.

Watch out! There's a man down. Photo: YouTube screengrab


Cars continue to zoom by and an approaching car stops just short of where the injured man is — until another car bumps into it from behind.

The impact sends the car in front rolling over the man's body. Oww!

Luckily, the man escaped with just a fractured leg and a few cracked ribs.

CCTV News uploaded the 33-second clip on YouTube yesterday (Nov 27).

Source: YouTube/ CCTV News