WATCH: Road rage horror as Porsche driver breaks female bus driver's nose

Steel yourself. The video you're viewing shows the moment when a Porsche driver broke a bus driver's nose.

 The road rage exploded blow by painful blow - and was captured on CCTV footage obtained from the bus.

The row began on August 23, when both vehicles - travelling in opposite directions - tried to get through the same single lane in Wuchang, a city in China's Wuhan province.

"They both wanted the other to back up and they both thought they had the right of way," said police spokesman Wei Tien.

Things turned ugly after the Porsche driver walked over to the bus and threw some noodles and dumplings over the driver.

Bus driver Zhang Gui, who drives the No. 554 service, climbed out of the vehicle to protest, said.

That was when the Porsche driver flew at her.

As the two were yelling, the man suddenly grasped Zhang's hair and hit her over 10 times.

The attack lasted around 10 seconds.

He went mad

The Mirror quoted passenger Huang Lu: "He went mad. Just because he has a big car, he thought he owned the road."

A bus passenger called the cops and other passengers blocked the man as he attempted to flee.

Many passengers voluntarily left contact information for police following the incident.

Zhang was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with nasal fracture. She is under observation.

Police say the Porsche driver - arrested after bus passengers surrounded his car to stop him fleeing - is facing grievous bodily harm charges.

Sources: YouTube, Mirror, Shanghaiist