WATCH: Rockfish gets glass eye after undergoing prosthetic surgery

This article is more than 12 months old

Did you know that marine life sees fish with empty eye sockets as a sign of weakness?

That's why they pick on these creatures, which are susceptible to being harassed. 

However, a refined surgical procedure at Vancouver Aquarium allows blind fish to be given prosthetic glass eyes to prevent their suffering. 

In the video, a yellowtail rockfish that lost an eye socket because of cataract, is seen getting a bright yellow ocular prosthetic eye.

Vancouver aquarium head veterinarian, Dr Martin Haulena, told Seattle Times:

"Fish were picking at it."
"Its fins were tattered and it was really banged up."

Previously,  aquariums would euthanise blind fish.

But thanks to the 20-minute procedure, this rockfish - which previously hid in nooks and crannies to avoid its tank mates - is back to behaving like an ordinary fish.

Sources: The Seattle Times, Metro