WATCH: Santa proposes to woman on behalf of boyfriend serving in Afghanistan

Ah, the magic of Christmas.

At a mall in the US on Tuesday (Dec 23), Santa helped pop THE question to a woman from Indiana on behalf of her soldier boyfriend in Afghanistan.

After she was asked to sit in Santa's big green cushioned chair, Father Christmas asked Kimberly Roberts what she wanted for Christmas. 

She responded: "I want my boyfriend to come home from Afghanistan safe."

Rubbing his beard, Santa told her to hold on as he fished out a bouquet of red roses and a piece of paper written by Roberts' boyfriend, Clint Underhill, hidden next to his seat.

He then got down on one knee and said: "Kimberly, our time together has been nothing short of amazing.    

"Not a day goes by I don't realize how lucky I am to be with you."

Santa went on reading the letter and ended by presenting Roberts a ring.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Roberts said "Yes!"

Watch the video below:



Kimberly Roberts and her boyfriend Clint Underhill. PHOTO: Facebook

According to WFIE, Underhill will be back from Afghanistan in June.

Source: NY Daily News, WFIE

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