WATCH: Taekwondo star Sophie Wong, 3, takes on the Internet and...

Baddies who get up to no good, be afraid. Be very afraid.

This pint-sized Taekwondo white belt will stop you in your tracks.

How? By slaying you with cuteness.

Meet Internet sensation Sophie Wong, age three.

No defence can withstand her onslaught - not after the Leeds Taekwondo and Premier Martial Arts Centre uploaded a video of their youngest trainee in class.

Heeyah! Here's the pint-sized martial arts star

Sophie started her Taekwondo lessons with them a month ago - after following her brother Harry to the centre for his classes.

Her project assistant-mum Wendy, 41, said that Sophie has been imitating her brother at home whenever he practises Taekwondo.

She said:

"I just wanted her to come and learn about discipline, attention and the concentration that she might need in school.”

Mrs Wong finally allowed her daughter to take classes when she started leaning to speak.

Watch Sophie recite the creed:


Here's Sophie making her moves:


Sources:  Leeds Taekwondo and Premier Martial Arts Centre, YouTube

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