WATCH: Teen in handcuffs saves cop suffering from heart attack

A 17-year-old teenager in handcuffs has been branded a hero after saving the life of a police officer who was booking him.

CCTV footage captured last September shows Fort Lauderdale officer Franklin Foulks clutching his chest before slumping into the ground while processing paperwork for Jamal Rutledge's arrest.

Alarmed, Rutledge gets up from his seat to check on the fallen officer.

The 17-year-old then spins around, walks towards a security door and kicks it repeatedly to grab the attention of other officers. 

Three officers rush into the room and attempt to revive officer Foulks before emergency officials arrived. 

Rutledge, who was arrested for allegedly violating probation and committing burglary, has been praised for his actions. 

Right decision

"We wanted to make sure we commended him for making the right decision," detective DeAnna Greenlaw told ABC News. 

"We wanted to make a positive impact on him and his vision of police officers."

Hospital staff said that officer Foulks has now recovered.  

Source: Metro, National Post 

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