WATCH: Turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House bores Obama's daughters

No one seems to remember the roots of this odd tradition, but every year on the eve of Thanksgiving, the president of the United States “pardons” a turkey at the White House.

On Wenesday (Nov 26), US President Obama spared two lucky turkeys, Mac and Cheese, at a ceremony where he was joined by his rather disinterested-looking daughters Sasha, 13 and Malia, 16.

While Obama tried his best to elaborate on the tradition to the assembled media, the girls, acting in their capacity as teenagers would at a function that didn't concern them, both looked like they would rather be somewhere else. 

That didn't stop their father from asking Malia if she would like to pet Cheese, to which she responded: "Nah".

It is said that the pardoned turkey, once overexposed to Washington's media, will spend the remainder of his happy life far from a dinner table. In the case of Mac and Cheese, that life will be spent on a 10,000-acre estate in Virginia.

"It is a little puzzling that I do this every year but I will say that I enjoy it because with all the tough stuff that swirls around in this office it’s nice once in a while to just say Happy Thanksgiving," acknowledged Obama at the ceremony. 

Source: AFP, MSNBC

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