WATCH: US Marine gets shot in the head and lives, thanks to helmet

Perhaps not many moments can encapsulate a 'close shave' more than this video.

It shows shocking footage of an American marine who fought in Afghanistan last year getting shot directly at the head - only to be saved by his kevlar helmet.

The 3-minute clip was uploaded on Tuesday (Oct 14). It follow three US marines as they took part in a joint helicopter raid in Now Zad, Helmand Province in 2013.

The trio were investigating after hearing gunfire and paused at the exit of a tunnel.

That's when a marksman, believed to be a Taliban sniper, shot the second marine, British newpaper Mirror reported. 

Once back under cover, the shot marine said: "My ears are ringing."

The look of relief after he takes out his helmet to see the bullet is certainly palpable.

Although, if it was me, I would never take out my helmet. Ever.

Sources: Daily Beast, YouTube, Mirror

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